Esthemax HydroJelly Hyaluronic Acid – Peel Off Mask


Hyaluronic Acid | Superior Moisture Retention

SKIN TYPE – All Skin Types, Dehydrated Skin, Slackening Skin,Sensitive Skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) deeply moisturizes and improves skin’s elasticity by holding up to 5,000 times its weight in water. HA & Organic Aloe Vera powder maintains lipid balance while increasing cellular renewal by improving barrier integrity and reducing evaporation.
  • HydroJelly™ masks are the darlings of social media for good reason!

Each of these masks are infused with electrolytes & algae extract to deeply hydrate, protect and enhance barrier function for healthy, happy and functioning optimally.


Each kit contains 2 HydroJelly Masks along with 2 biodegradable trays, 1 spatula and 1 scoop.

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