Internationally Qualified Brows & Lashes


Internationally Qualified Brows & Lashes


Lash Loft provides certified Yumi Lash Lift 2.0 and Yumi Brow Lamination treatments in Auckland. Also Brow tinting, Brow shaping, Lash Tinting and Lash Extensions Removal.


Book your world's number #1 Keratin Lash Lift Yumi Lash Lift 2.0 and now Yumi Brow Lamination with us!




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  • Yumi Brow Lamination

    Yumi Brow Lamination is a great alternative to microblading, it helps to add colour, fullness and definition to brows without any after-effects that take time to heal, last up to 6- 8 weeks

  • Yumi 2.0 Keratin Lash Lift

    While it lifts your lashes from the roots, the keratin will nourish and leave you with beautiful, elegant enhanced lashes for 8-12 weeks.  No need for Lash Extensions or Mascara or eyelash curler to have naturally full and lifted lashes

  • Made in France

    Yumi Lash Lift is a European brand over 10 years, made in France, have been approved by the EU and an amazing alternative for lash extensions

Benefits of YUMI LASH LIFT Advanced Lash Technology

EU approved



No lash extension

Paraben Free

No lash curling perm

No harsh chemicals

No lash growth formula or mascara


Effect can lasts up to 8- 12 weeks (The natural life cycle of the eyelash)


Our Reviews

"I went to see Catherine for a yumi lash lift two times already. It is hard to find a reliable beautician producing the same beautiful results every time. I don't normally write reviews but her lash lift was amazing and so if you're ever thinking of getting a lash lift, she's the one to go to! Will be making another appointment soon!"

Rachel Lau

I'm so amazed with the results. I'm not someone that wears a lot of makeup and had never had lash extensions/fake lashes, I was keen to find something that would look natural. So pleased with them! The experience was relaxing, Catherine made me feel so comfortable and the time flew! Will definitely be back and would highly recommend

Vanesha Din

My lashes feel soft, natural and healthy. I was recommended by a friend who tried Yumi lashes before and found that Lash Loft has really good. I love my new lashes. So worth my time and money. Thank you for this!

Hannah Thomspon

The lady at Lash Loft was super nice, patient and very professional. Her skills are so good and the lift effects last such a long time. My lashes are now curly, long and natural looking. If you’re thinking about going, I highly recommend Lash Loft, so blessed to find them.

Sia Lynch

Lash extensions lasted me only a 5 weeks but Lash Loft’s Yumi lashes last 8-12 weeks. It lasted 10 weeks for me. Unlike the lash extensions which was uncomfortable and annoying to maintain, these yumi lashes are easy do upkeep and saves me so much time.

Lauren Cooper

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